Here you will find all of the presentations from the Symposium. Click here for a summary page.

1MobilityAdvances in Measuring Travel Time Delay and ReliabilityElizabeth Schneider
1MobilityExamining Multistate Mobility in
the Mid-America Region
Peter Rafferty
1MobilityNegative Externality of Traffic Congestion and Housing Values: Evidence from the US Great Lakes MegaregionJangik Jin
1PreservationWisDOT use of Recycled MaterialsBarry Paye
1PreservationCenter Environmental Benefits of Using Recycled MaterialsAngela Ahlman
1PreservationWisDOT Cold In-Place Recycling Pavement Rehabilitation Technique InitiativeGirum Merine
1ServiceTRB Overview and Assisting State DOTs Move from Research to ImplementationStephen Maher
1ServiceImplementation Perspectives and Sponsored ResearchJason Bittner
1ServiceNational Initiatives for Moving Transportation Research into the Real WorldPatrick Casey
2SafetyFactors Affecting the Severity of Injuries Sustained in Collisions with Roadside ObjectsAshirwad Barnwal
2SafetyCross Median Crash Research and Implementation in WisconsinBill Bremer
2SafetyDevelopment Process for
Improving Roadside Safety
Erik Emerson
2AccountabilityInstructional Obstacles to Reserach and Implementation ActivitiesJeremy R. Chapman
2AccountabilityFrom Ideas to StatutesRob Combs
2AccountabilityWisDOT Powerpoint TopicCarrie Cox
2ServiceLab-to-Market: Moving InnovationDebra S. Elston
2ServicePromoting a Culture of Innovation: Everyday CountsMichael Davies
2ServiceSupporting Implementation of Innovation and Technology Initiatives Within Transportation AgenciesTom Ries & David Esse
3PreservationEvaluation of Thin Polymer Overlays for Bridge DecksHabib Tabatabai,
Konstantin Sobolev,
Al Ghorbanpoor,
Azam Nabizadeh,
Chin-Wei Lee,
Matthias Lind
3PreservationActionable Results from Recently Completed ResearchBill Oliva
3PreservationResearch Implementation WHRP Flexible GroupBarry Paye
3MobilityThe Interrelationship Between Speed Limits, Geometry, and Driver BehaviorRaha Hamzeie, Peter Savolainen
3MobilityDSP Air Support UnitLt. Christopher M. Jushka
3MobilitySpeed Effects of Change in Posted Speed Limit on InterstatesErin Schoon & Peter Rafferty
4AccountabilityThe Right Blend of Key Ingredients for Optimizing Investment Decisions: Risk, Asset and Performance ManagementMara Campbell
4AccountabilityFinance Mechanisms for Optimizing Funding DecisionsTricia Etzler & Casey Newman
4AccountabilityAdding Value to Existing Datasets: Network Level Super Elevation Computation Using Mapping Grade Mobile LiDAR ScansKelvin R. Santiago - Chaparro
4SafetyCrash Data ManagementRandy Romanski & Stephen Parker
4SafetyWisconsin State Patrol Predictive AnalyticsMaj. Chuck Teasdale
4SafetyTraffic Incident Detection Enabled by Large Data AnalyticsAnuj Sharma
4 ServiceEstimating Benefits:A method for considering anddocumenting projects for TSM&O deploymentsNatalie Smusz-Mengelkoch
4ServiceMadisonPutting the Next Gen Into WisDOT’sNext Generation Advanced Traffic Management System (NG ATMS)Maximilien Sauban
4ServiceA method to determine roadways with greatest need for intelligent transportation deploymentsJonathan Riehl
5SafetySustainable Safety Examples of Cycling Infrastructure in the NetherlandsKristina Fields
5 SafetyDriver performance around
bicyclists and bicycle-specific
Cara Hamann, Chris Schwartz, Toyosi Soniyi
5SafetyDriver Yielding at Midblock Crossings Based on Roadway, Traffic, and Crosswalk CharacteristicsPeter Savolainen
5PreservationUse of Thin Overlays on Tennessee BridgesMarcus Knight, Jon Huddleston
5PreservationField Validation of Polyurethane Technology
in Remediating Rail Substructure and Enhancing Rail Freight Capacity
James Tinjum, Dante Fratta, Tuncer Edil
5MobilityMOBILITY –Breaking Down Barriers to Optimizing Freight InvestmentsBen Zietlow
5MobilityFAST and Furious: A look At MAASTO States Freight Plan DevelopmentErnie Perry
5MobilityWisconsin State Freight PlanDonna Brown-Martin
LunchTechnologyMichigan Connected and Automated Vehicle Support InitiativesSteven J. Cook